Our Services
Route Scouting

Route scouting in synthetic pathway development and optimization in a plenty of application fields

• Design of new routes for targets of any complexity 

• Applications of the latest synthetic methodology

• Catalytic approaches

• Asymmetric synthesis

Laboratory Chemistry

• Organic synthesis of novel compounds of any structural complexity

• Asymmetric synthesis of chiral compounds, by means of asymmetric catalysis, optical resolution, chiral separation (HPLC). Our team equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, provide services specialized in chiral and achiral separation and purifications.

Optimization of Current Synthetic Routes

• Reaction screening

• Intermediate stability studies

• Classical resolutions

• Scale-up

Compound characterization and authentic material characterization

• Structure confirmation studies by HR-MS, LC-MS/MS, IR, UV
• Impurity structure elucidation studies
• NMR and q-NMR services for structure elucidation of isolated impurities by acquisition and interpretation of comprehensive 1D/2D NMR data

Compound Purification and Isolation Improvements

• Impurity isolation and identification
• Impurity structure elucidation studies